Vehicle Use


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        The following information (last updated on October 13, 2011) can be found in the glove compartment of every motor pool vehicle. Every operator of a motor pool vehicle is responsible for understanding and adhering to ALL policies. Use of motor pool vehicles is a privilege that can be revoked.
        Use Authorization
        Requirements of Operator
        Responsibilities of Operator
        Picking Up Vehicles
        Returning Vehicles
        Road Repairs
        Accident Reporting

        Use Authorization

        Only authorized/employeed State University faculty, staff, and students may operate a motor pool vehicle. The vehicle may be used only for State University business. No one, other than faculty, staff, and students on business or course work, may ride in State University vehicles unless special paperwork is submitted in advance.

         Domestic and non-domestic animals are NOT allowed in the vehicles with the exception of seeing-eye, hearing-ear, and service dogs. (Please indicate a special vehicle requirement when making the reservation, of the need to transport one of these dogs.) Caged research animals may be transported in cargo vans only.
         Vehicles are not to be used for towing. No objects are to be placed, mounted, or tied to the outside of any motor pool vehicle. Damage resulting from any of these conditions will be the responsibility of the requestor's department (or organization).

        Smoking is strictly prohibited in all motor pool vehicles.

        Usage of Cellular phones and texting are prohibited in all motor pool vehicles. 

        **NOTE** Citations, and Toll Violations, are the responsibility of the person to whom the vehicle was leased to and/or the Fiscal Officer of the department to which the vehicle is assigned at the time of the violation.** 

        Requirements of Operator
         All drivers must be an empplyee of SIUC, faculty staff or student and must possess a valid U.S. driver's license. For insurance purposes, the Motor Pool office, must have on file a list of all persons who will be operating motor pool vehicles. This must include the driver's name, license number, state of issue, expiration date of license, and driver's date of birth.

        Responsibilities of Operator
         The operator of the vehicle has, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities:
        • Safe operation and security of the vehicle until it has been returned to the Motor Pool.
        • Strict adhere to all traffic and parking laws. A practice of road courtesy at all times. YOU are responsible for all traffic and parking violations. Any citations received by the Motor Pool office shall be forwarded to the department (or organization) that reserved the vehicle. Speeding in a motor pool vehicle will result in a 90-day suspension of driving privileges.

        **NOTE** Citations, and Toll Violations, are the responsibility of the person to whom the vehicle was leased to and/or the Fiscal Officer of the department to which the vehicle is assigned  at the time of the violation.** 

        • Safety belts are to be worn by all occupants of the vehicle at all times the vehicle is in motion. The driver is responsible for ensuring that all occupants comply with this requirement!
        • Do not abuse this vehicle! Vehicle damage resulting from abuse is subject to payment by the driver's department (or organization).
        • If it is determined that the driver of a vehicle is at fault in an accident, the department (or organization) will be required to pay all costs not covered by current State University insurance policies. The insurance deductible is $1000.00.
        • No large expenses (over $50) are to be incurred without prior approval of the Motor Pool (garage personnel). If repairs are authorized, all parts and/or tires removed from the vehicle must be returned to the Motor Pool.
        • Drivers are required to report any and all mechanical defects upon return of the vehicle. A Mechanicals Defect form, found in the glove compartment, should be used.

         Reservations must be cancelled at least 2 hours in advance or a cancellation fee of $13 will be assessed to the requestor's account. Outside vendor requests my be cancelled 24 hours in advance or a late cancelation fee is $50.00 will be assessed.  Cancellations must be made via the Motor Pool web site or by phone. The motor pool staff may cancel vehicles not picked up within 4 hours of the scheduled reservation time.

        Picking Up Vehicles

        Keys can be picked up 24-hours a day. During Travel Service office hours 6am to 4:30pm, reservation check-out will be conducted at the Travel Service Office.  After hours reservation pick-ups will be conducted at Facility Operations Center (FOC).  FOC (Building with the Smoke Stack) is located East of Travel Service parking lot.  Please, drive through Travel Service fuel island, then parking lot headed east (left).  Drive to gravel road area, exit your vehilce, proceed down hill/walkway, enter building through double green door.  Please go up the staris, down the hall and third door on your left, room 104.  The FOC employee will dispatch your reservation, give you a vehilce credit card pack, keys and parking permit for your personal vehicle.  Your must have a Blue or Red SIU parking decal to park in the Travel Service lot. 

        To find your vehicle, please look at the key tag.  The gold tag will have the license plate  and vehicle number.  Remember, these items plus the vehicle type and color are on the reservation confirmation you received.  Also, use your cerdit card pack, the vehicle number and type should be on the front. 

        Returning Vehicles


        Returning vehicles late without notifying the motor pool staff may result in revocation of motor pool privileges. Contact the motor pool office if risk of returning the vehicle on time is imminent.  A late return fee of $13.00 will also be added to your reservation

        During Travel Service hours, 6am - 6pm, please leave your vehicle at the Fuel Island with the keys and credit card pack in the vehicle.  Our Service attendant will check in the vhielce.

        After hours, 4:30pm - 6am, please park the vehicle in the Travel Servcie lot, lock the doors, remove the keys and credit card pack and put both in our return box located on the outer (west) door facing the fuel island. 

         The returned vehicle should be free of trash or excessive debris. The department (or organization) which reserved the vehicle shall be charged accordingly to vehicle type a clean up if a vehicle's interior is judged to be excessively dirty or abused.

        Road Repairs
         Vehicles which develop mechanical problems while in the local area should be returned for replacement. In the event that it would be impractical to operate the vehicle, the Motor Pool should be contacted for assistance. While the Motor Pool strives to maintain its fleet of vehicles in the best possible condition, breakdowns do occur. The Motor Pool will make every effort to assist the customer during any breakdown situation to minimize loss time and inconvenience. However, the Motor Pool shall not be liable for any costs incurred by the travelers other than the actual cost to repair the vehicle. This specifically includes room and board.
         If a motor pool vehicle has a mechanical breakdown while on the road, please use the following procedures:
        1. For Minor repairs contact Travel Sercie 618-453-3357.  Repairs are not authorized on University P-cards 
        2. For Major repairs contact Travel Service 618-453-3357.  Repairs are not authorized on Univeristy P-cards.
        3. Flat Tire(s) please call Travel Service Foreman for assistance, 618-453-7796.
         TravelService will reimburse the traveler for minimal repair costs paid by cash, check, or personal credit card. Travel Service will also reimburse for fuel only when the Wright Express Card provided will not work.  Travel However receipts are required, and reimbursement, depending on the amount, may take several days. Except when personal safety is threatened, the traveler shall not abandon the vehicle or place the vehicle in jeopardy.

        Accident Reporting
         In the event of an acident, the driver will stop at once, give reasonable first aid to those injured, and will call the police. All information related to the accident and all drivers involved will be written down at the scene. All accidents, no matter how minor, will be reported as soon as possible to the Motor Pool office. An Accident Report must be completed. Accident Report forms are available at the Motor Pool office.
        • When conditions and/or regulations permit, move to the shoulder or side of the roadway to prevent further damage or hazards. If conditions or regulations do not permit moving the vehicle, contact the local authorities immediately.
        • You must contact the local authorities and complete an accident report. Advise authorities if medical assistance is needed.
        • Obtain the names and addresses of witnesses.
        • Report accident to Motor Pool office within 48 hours, 618-453-7736. You may leave a voicemail after normal business hours. Failure to report an accident, will result in 100% cost of repair.

         All State University Motor Pool vehicles are insured under a State University insurance policy. This insurance covers damage to motor pool vehicles, liability for damage to other vehicles and property, and bodily injury to others from official use of a motor pool vehicle.  
         Any non-faculty, non-staff, or non-student riding in a motor pool vehicle is covered to the maximum of $5,000 by the State University insurance policy. Injuries to State University employees are covered by Worker's Compensation insurance.
         The driver is personally responsible for all costs or damages for personal, illegal, or unauthorized use of State University Motor Pool vehicles.
        Drive Safe!